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Environmental Policy

General Statement

1. The Corporation will plan, conduct and monitor its operations using the best practicable means to protect the environment from impairment. All Union Electric Steel facilities will operate under applicable Federal, State, County and Local permits and in compliance with applicable environmental regulations. The Corporation will continue to develop and improve its operational standards as a result of its own efforts and apply the ‘BAT’ principles of ‘Best Available Technology’ where appropriate and within our control.

(a) Assess in advance the environmental impact of any significant new process development.

(b) Operate and maintain process equipment in a responsible manner to minimize any environmental impact.

(c) Assess environmental impact of existing operations.

(d) Respect and restore any land developments compatible with the local land arrangements and to local government controls.

2. Communications

(a) Make all employees aware of our environmental policy, whilst providing suitable information, training to improve environmental awareness.

(b) Be aware of the interests of the local community with regard to communication channels and maintain dialogue with those communities.

(c) Make available information to employees, customers with regard to relevant information about the Corporation and its environmental issues.

3. Implementation

(a) To adequately adhere to the Policy when operating our process, plant systems and procedures

(b) Audit the processes and make available resources to achieve an optimum environmental result and by reporting the impact.

(c) Work towards implementing the systems and procedures of the ISO 14001 Standard and apply its ethos across the Corporation.

4. Responsibility

(a) All employees are to co-operate with the Corporation in working towards improving the general environment and that of its neighbors.

(b) All Management and Employees are expected to support and maintain the ethos of this Environmental Policy.

(c) The President has ultimate responsibility for Environmental Issues within the Corporation as a whole, with Managers having delegated responsibility for their specific areas.

Environmental Management Program and Goals

Union Electric Steel (UES) has developed an environmental management program to support the Environmental Policy.  Highlights to this program include tracking and managing the following:

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

According to an EPA 2008 report, the American Steel industry is recognized for having the largest decline in total air emissions and energy consumption while increasing its production from 1990 to 2005.  This is possible because steelmakers in North America are recycling more than 80 million tons of steel annually. UES contributes to the success of this system by the following practices:

  1. UES operates using energy efficient regenerative burners.  This Best Available Technology reduces total air emissions, including Green House Gases, and reduces its consumption of natural gas.  We are vigilant in the monitoring and control of emissions and have installed monitoring systems over and above industry standards and legal requirements.
  2. Our state of the art induction melting and heat treatment furnaces greatly improve our carbon foot print.

Material Efficiency

  1. UES reuses/recycles nearly 100% of its rolls and scrap metal for production.  This reduces the need for raw materials and reduces the amount of waste produced.
  2. An environmentally friendly sand reclamation process has been installed to process and reduce sand usage and impacts such as quarrying, processing drying and shipment of sand.  This also greatly reduces our disposal to landfill.
  3. UES strives for improved roll life through manufacturing of rolls utilizing a high percentage of alloys and alloy bearing scrap.  Manufacturing of rolls with excess of 5% alloys greatly improves the roll life.

Energy Intensity

  1. UES participates in demand response programs where electricity is sold back to the grid when called during peak demand times.
  2. Water is conserved by using a closed loop system on its cooling towers. 
  3. A state of the art shower block for employees was installed with a strong focus on environmentally friendly heating and water usage systems.
  4. The expansion of our Carnegie, PA headquarters was completed utilizing energy efficient building materials and lighting. 

Recycling and Waste Reduction

  1. Nearly 100% of all scrap metal and rolls are reused and/or recycled for production.
  2. UES has implemented a recycling program for all office waste.  Cans are donated to the local Boy Scouts.
  3. All batteries, light bulbs, and ballasts are recycled, reducing the amount of hazardous waste sent to the landfill.