Union Electric Steel Worldwide

Delivering Excellence Worldwide

As a leading supplier of rolls, UES delivers approximately 70% of orders outside the U.S. Our team of technical and commercial specialists provides logistical expertise and international reach that helps customers overcome a variety of challenges, including

  • Transportation: We work with freight forwarders to arrange trucking, overseas shipping, barge and rail transportation, as well as container and packaging decisions.
  • Security: With regard to overseas transactions, our security policy is driven by diligent documentation and a commitment to transparency. UES provides a complete credit analysis of companies, a thorough review of every contract, a detailed process to manage letters of credit, and we take measures to assure compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.
  • Incoterms Compliance: The International Commercial Terms (or “Incoterms”) govern trade between countries and aim to reduce or remove uncertainties that may arise from varied interpretations of trade guidelines and laws around the world. UES understands Incoterms and works diligently to follow them.

Our experience with the complexities of the international market enables UES to ensure smooth transport, importation and delivery of products – no matter where in the world our customers are located.