Specifications Engineer

Specifications Engineer

Location: Gateshead, UK

# of openings: 1




Responsible for the specification of Cast and Forged rolls from both a technical and manufacturing perspective, for a number of manufacturing sites within the UEA group.

 Reporting ultimately to the Specifications Manager, the post requires a high level of technical competency and reliability to ensure a thorough review of all technical and specification data received. Then the accurate population of company-wide systems with the outputs of this review, in order to provide a sound basis for the generation of costings, quotations, orders, production planning and manufacture.


  • To report directly to the Specifications Supervisor, and ultimately to the Specifications Manager
  • Review and process drawings, technical specifications, manufacturing and test requirements in a practical, thorough and effective manner through the requisite Technical contract review process at UEA.
  • Assess product capability to make the essential product and process selections needed by the Specifications Department
  • Reliably enter the required Specifications outputs arising from these reviews into the Company systems to enable the successful quoting, processing and delivery of cast and forged roll products worldwide
  • Carry out and maintain the storage of all appropriate Customer Network entries in accordance with the requirements of the Specifications Department
  • Process product, customer drawing or specification amendments effectively
  • Aid in the achievement of the Specifications Department goals, targets and agreed deadlines
  • Maintain compliance with all appropriate company rules, procedures and policies applying to the Specifications Department and UEA employees
  • Other duties may also arise as determined and assigned by the Specifications Supervisor or Specifications Manager.


  • Not at this stage, but potential may exist to progress in the future


  • Qualification or significant experience in one of the following fields: Engineering, Manufacturing, Metallurgy, Materials Science, Technical or Quality
  • Educated to degree level in one (or a derivative) of any of the above


  • Proven technical capability with excellent attention to detail
  • Able to work reliably and effectively within a small team
  • Must be thorough and reliable, especially when working to important deadlines
  • Self motivated with a “keen to learn” approach
  • Good communicator with competent IT skills
  • Able to travel and work independently where needed
  • Potential to progress to supervisory / management positions

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