Press Room - 5% Chrome Milestone

UESUK Achieves Production Milestone

Union Electric Steel UK, the world's leading producer of cast steel back up rolls, is pleased to announce the shipment of their 1,000th 5% Chrome back up roll. The UESUK 5% Chrome back up roll, developed in 1998, has been supplied successfully to more than 98 customers worldwide, including mills in the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, China, Mexico, and the United States.

UESUK produces a full complement of 3% and 5% Chrome DHACS back up rolls designed to meet the wear resistance and physical demands of any application.

UESUK cast steel back up rolls are engineered via monobloc casting and differential hardeningto insure:


  • Safety and reliability.
  • Performance optimized to each application.
  • Continuous solidification through the entire cross section.
  • No interface or interruption to solidification.
  • Control of segregation.
  • Feed control to ensure proper centreline quality.
  • Homogeneous working layer free from porosity.
  • Contol of grain structure for optimum strength.
  • Control of residual stress to insure stability in use.


Our rolls are cast from medium frequency induction melting furnaces that were installed in 2010, heat treated in our advanced materials heat treatment facility commissioned in 2011 and machined on our new SAFOP - 80 Tonne roughing and finishing lathe.

With our commitment to continuous improvement, it is our goal to provide our customers with rolls that meet the highest tolerance specifications for the most demanding conditions and stringent applications in the metalworking industry, thus cementing our position as the premier cast back up roll manufacturer.

We encourage you to visit our facilities and to witness the vast improvements that are taking place at both Union Electric Steel and Union Electric Steel UK. We remain excited about the future and welcome you to see firsthand the developments that have taken place within our family of plants. If interested in a visit, please contact your Sales Representative.