Press Room - Union Electric Åkers Intro

Introducing Union Electric Åkers

Following the completion of the acquisition of Åkers AB and certain of its affiliated companies, the forged and cast roll businesses of Union Electric Steel Corporation and those acquired from Åkers Group will officially begin conducting business under the brand name “Union Electric Åkers.”

As the world’s largest non-government-owned roll manufacturing business, Union Electric Åkers will offer a complete product line to customers in every global region.

This acquisition brings together the world’s two roll technology leaders to provide the most reliable, high-performance products and unparalleled technical support. Our global sales network has an expansive coverage, increasing our responsiveness to customers. Union Electric Åkers has unmatched production capability, with a total capacity of 125,000 Metric Tons (MT) annually: 80,000 MT in cast products and 45,000 MT in forged products. Our product lines range from finished roll weights of 1 kg to a maximum of 71 MT, enabling Union Electric Åkers to provide rolls to the smallest strip mills, as well as to some of the largest plate mills in the world. We are very pleased and excited to combine the best of forged and cast roll technology and manufacturing expertise through Union Electric Åkers.

We look forward to sharing with you exciting and innovative products and solutions we are bringing to market. Customer satisfaction is very important to us. Union Electric Åkers will strive to exceed your performance and service expectations as we deliver the highest value roll products available in the industry.