Press Room - Roll Materials

Advanced Roll Materials Heat Treatment Centre

Union Electric Steel UK announces the commissioning of its Advanced Roll Materials Heat Treatment Centre. This 2.6M GBP investment in state-of-the-art heat treatment technology includes eight top hat, fixed hearth gas fired furnaces; installed in a purpose adapted bay with two new 30 tonne cranes and a 60 tonne transfer car. The furnaces are specifically designed for the heat treatment of a full range of advanced spun cast rolls, capable of working within the highest tolerance specifications required for these modern materials. This investment will enable Union Electric Steel UK to triple its capacity for High Speed Steel work rolls, while providing the control necessary to produce the rolls of today and tomorrow.

We encourage you to visit our facilities and to witness the vast improvements that are taking place at both of Union Electric Steel's cast and forged roll facilities. We remain excited about the future and welcome you to see first-hand the developments that have taken place within our family of plants. If interested, please contact your Sales Representative.