Cast Roll Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment

The temperature uniformity achieved in our state-of-the-art heat treatment furnaces ensures that optimum uniformity in hardness and microstructure is achieved around the roll barrel and through the entire radial depth of the roll shell.

Back-up rolls are given a secondary heat treatment after rough machining to achieve the final barrel properties and hardness. This process is called the ‘Differential Hardening’ (DH) process.  UES UK has developed and optimized back-up roll material analyses and applied the use of state-of-the-art optical pyrometry and computerized process control systems for the heating, quenching and tempering stages such that back-up rolls treated by the DH process now achieve outstanding consistency and uniformity of the barrel material throughout the working life of the roll. This technology has been developed to produce rolls with very uniform barrel hardness, depth of hardness, optimum wear resistance and controlled residual stress profiles through the barrel cross section.

For highly loaded mill applications, it is possible to harden and quench the form areas of the roll to enhance strength and fatigue resistance. We use FEA design software to ensure that Back-up rolls are supplied with properties guaranteed to withstand their mill design peak loading cycles.