Centrifugal Casting

Centrifugal Casting

Work RollsĀ 

All work rolls are cast in our Rocast centrifugal casting system, which has been the subject of continuous improvement and development over the last 27 years. Computerized technology combined with rigidly defined specifications and procedures ensures that the highest level of process control is applied to every cast. The use of a vertical spin casting process combined with a single piece chill containing the roll barrel and necks allows for the entire roll to be cast in a single, continuous operation with minimal delays between steps thereby ensuring the highest degree of control and consistency.


UES UK produces a full range of AIC, Enhanced AIC, HiCr Iron, HiCr Steel, SHSS and HSS roll shell materials to suit every individual mill requirement. Mold profiling practices, chill properties and casting specifications are carefully controlled to achieve optimum solidification rates across the full range of shell grades and roll diameters produced, leading to world-class performance characteristics and material consistency throughout the life of the roll. Exceptional care is taken during the spin casting process to ensure that the integrity of the interface between the shell and core material will withstand the varying forces generated during the roll service lifetime. Interface technology is a key part of the duplex process and UES UK has developed practices which maximize bond strength for each grade of shell material supplied without introducing any negative effects into the core material.

All roll cores are cast in ductile iron and melting, spheroidization and inoculation practices are all strictly controlled to ensure that every roll body exhibits optimum strength and ductility in service.